Opening Date: 2022-06-28   Last update: 2022-06-29   Status: Note

The VIIRS instrument experienced an anomaly on 06/28/2022 (2022.179) due to a VIIRS Single Board Computer (SBC) Lock-up. As a result, VIIRS science data output was impacted starting at 03:41Z. Engineering has been contacted and this issue is currently under investigation. All science and telemetry data will not be available until the instrument is restored to an operational state. All missed data will not be recoverable. This note will be updated as more information becomes available. Impacts to the operational products can be found here.


VIIRS SBC lock-up: UPDATE 06.29.22


The NRT archive AS5200 reports two data loss time periods 03:36 - 06:36 (inclusive) and 14:54 - 16:36 (inclusive). These ranges are slightly different than the operational archives. The first global browse image above shows the data loss in the daytime reflectance, which are missing daytime orbits over Asia and South America. Following each of these data losses, the instrument operated in "Day" mode during consecutive nighttime orbits. Due to the "Day" mode operations, many of the nighttime orbits were not retrieved in "Night" mode and this directly impacts the retrieval of L1B emissive bands during nightime orbits. The second browse image shows the M13 emissive bands nightime retrieval for 2022.179, where orbits over Australia, the Pacific, and the Americas are not produced.

VNP02IMG-D, day A2022179 (2022-06-28)
NRT3 AS5200
VNP02MOD-M13-N, day A2022179 (2022-06-28)
NRT3 AS5200

Occurrence: NRT3, and all downstream products during the specified time periods.
Case Name: PM_NPP_L1B_22179_NRT