The four possible grids for the MODLAND fine resoultion L3 products are based on the map projections:

  1. Sinusoidal
  2. Integerized Sinusoidal
  3. Goode's Homolosine
  4. Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area (polar grids)
  5. Hammer Atioff
Almost all of the fine resolution L3 land products are made in the Sinusoidal Grid. The L3 fine resolution Sea-ice products are the only exception and are made in the in the Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection with the grid centered at the north and south poles. For Collection 3 and before the Sinusoidal Grid products were made in the Integerized Sinusoidal Grid.

The grid cell size varies by product and is either (approximately) 0.25 km, 0.5 km or 1 km. The actual size depends on the projection.

Each grid is broken into a number of non-overlapping tiles which cover approximately 10x10 degree area. The tiles are labeled with a vertical and horizontal tile id.

In additional, the MODLAND coarse resolution global Climate Modeling Grid (CMG) products will be made in a geographic projection. The grid cell sizes for these products are 0.05 degrees.


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Updated March 31, 2004 (rw)