Global Browse Images for MODIS land Science Test C6-PGE01-Test4

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For each day the top row browses is from test dataset and the bottom row browses is from baseline dataset.

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Web site maintained and hosted at the MODIS LDOPE, NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, Hydrospheric and Biospheric Science Laboratory, Biospheric Information Systems Branch (Code 614.5). Terra and Aqua MODIS land coarse spatial resolution products produced by the MODIS Adaptative Production System (MODAPS) and projected into global browse images at the MODIS LDOPE. Map projection code based on the General Cartographic Transformation Package. Web interface and browses are updated and maintained by Min Zheng (MODIS LDOPE). Data format conversion routines developed by Sadashiva Devadiga (MODIS LDOPE). Color look up tables provided by MODIS Science Team Members and MODIS LDOPE personnel. Image composition performed using ImageMagick. MODIS orbit track images provided by the University of Wisconsin, Space Science and Engineering Center.

Last update: January 18 2017