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The LTDR V5 forward production will be switched from the AVHRR instrument onboard N19 to the same from MetOp-B, in a month, and this will be followed up by a re-processing of all the LTDR records from the beginning of the MetOp-B mission, in V5. (click here for the details)

V5 and V4 LTDR data now available. V3 LTDR has been decommissioned

Team Members

Eric Vermote, University of MarylandPrincipal investigator
Coordinate the overal research & lead the surface reflectance FCDR
Chris Justice, University of MarylandCo Investigator
Coordinate scientific outreach
Ivan Csiszar, NOAA/NESDIS/STARCo Investigator
AVHRR product evaluation
Jeff Eidenshink, USGS EROS Data CenterCo Investigator
Access to 1km AVHRR Data
Ranga Myneni, Boston universityCo Investigator
Generation & Validation of NDVI & LAI/FPAR
Frederic Baret, INRA FranceCo Investigator
Liasion to international CEOS Land Product validation, generation & evaluation of vegetation surface reflectance FCDR
Edward Masuoka, NASA/GSFCCo Investigator
Processing, QA & distribution of data products
Robert Wolfe, NASA/GSFCCo Investigator
Lead geolocation effort, Liasion to EOS data standards & documentation working group


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