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The LTDR V5 forward production will be switched from the AVHRR instrument onboard N19 to the same from MetOp-B, in a month, and this will be followed up by a re-processing of all the LTDR records from the beginning of the MetOp-B mission, in V5. (click here for the details)

V5 and V4 LTDR data now available. V3 LTDR has been decommissioned

Long-Term Data Record Workshop - January 18 2007

(UMUC Inn and Conference Center)

Below are the presentations that were given at the January 18 2007 workshop (0.05 Degree Global Climate Interdisciplinary Long-Term Data Set from AVHRR, MODIS and VIIRS Instruments). Simply click on the link to begin the download.

Project Overview
PDF (968 KB)
E. Masuoka
PDF (1579 KB)
E. Vermote
Surface Temperature and Emissivity
PDF (2854 KB)
Y. Yu
Burned Area
PDF (2925 KB)
D. Roy
Products Format
PDF (568 KB)
J. Pedelty
E. Vermote
PDF (1614 KB)
S. Prince
PDF (960 KB)
J. Nagol
QA/Times Series Evaluation
PDF (2321 KB)
S. Devadiga
Comparison with PAL and GIMMS Data
PDF (565 KB)
M. Brown
PDF (2236 KB)
E. Vermote
AMMA Project
PDF (1184 KB)
M. Leroy
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
AVHRR and MODIS Long-Term Data Records
PDF (2714 KB)
A. Trishchenko
CSIR 1km and SPOT Merged Product
PDF (1134 KB)
P. Frost
User Feedback Round Table
E. Vermote
E. Masuoka

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