MODLAND Tile Calculator

  • The center of the pixel in the upper left corner of a tile has the coordinates (0.0, 0.0).
  • Tiles are numbered starting with zero in the upper left corner. There are 36 horizontal tiles and 18 vertical tiles in the Integerized Sinusoidal, Goodes Homolosine and Sinusoidal grids. There are 9 horizontal and vertical tiles in the Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area grids.
  • Be careful around the edges of each horizontal row in a tile in the Integerized Sinusoidal grid. Because of the way the tiles are aligned, a small change in the latitude can cause a shift of up to a pixel in longitude.
  • Except for Goodes Homolosine, the grid and pixel sizes are not exact multiples of 1 km, they are only approximations. For instance, the grid and pixel size for the 1 km Integerized Sinusoidal grid is exactly 926.62543305 m.
  • The Sinusoidal grid has been used for the MODIS 250m, 500m and 1km Land products since Collection 4.
  • The source code for the tile calculator (tilemap3_r4_0.tar) is available. This software is provided with minimal support.
(updated 5/11/17)

Tile Calculator Tool

Map Projection/Grid:
Integerized Sinusoidal Grid: 1 KM Grid 0.5 KM Grid 0.25 KM Grid
Goodes Homolosine:
Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area: North Pole South Pole

Pixel size: 1km 0.5 km 0.25 km

Mapping type: Tile/image coordinates Global map coordinates

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   Forward mapping (geographic coordinates in degrees): latitude, longitude
   Inverse mapping (tile/image coordinates): vertical tile, horizontal tile, line, sample;
                       or (map coordinates in meters): x, y

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Tile calculator code updated 05/10/2017 (rw)