Known issues in MYD21 product (JPL LST)

Related PGEs: PGE116 (MYD21, MYD21A1D, MYD21A1N, MYD21A2)


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
PM_MYD21_21200 07/19/21 08/09/21 Note Differences in heritage MODIS LST (MxD11) compared to MXD21 / VNP21
PM_MYD21_17304 10/31/17 10/31/17 Pending Higher than expected temperatures over high humidity regions
PM_MYD21_17159a 06/08/17 06/08/17 Note Difference between MERRA based and NCEP based LST

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Last Updated: 08/09/2021