Known issues in MOD11 product (Land Surface Temperature)

Related PGEs: PGE16 (MOD11_L2 and MOD11A1), PGE31 (MOD11A2)

Product information is also found at the PI website.


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
PM_MOD11_22318 11/14/22 12/05/22 Closed C6 MOD11 LST loss of retrieval
PM_MOD11_20160 06/08/20 06/08/20 Note Oct.2013 - Dec.2013, MOD11B1 production ahead of MYD11B1
PM_MOD11_20006 01/02/20 01/06/20 Note MOD11C1 Band 20 / 29 emissivity replication
PM_MOD11_20002 01/02/20 01/06/20 Pending blocky artifacts impacts LST L2/L3 retrieval
PM_MOD11_19281 10/08/19 10/08/19 Note C6 re-processing of L2/L3 LST products, September 2019
PM_MOD11_17226 03/23/16 03/23/16 Note LST from day 2017218 impacted by the DSC of Terra MODIS performed on 2017217
PM_MOD11_16083 03/23/16 03/23/16 Note Difference in LST from use of C6 snow prior to 06.17.2011

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Last Updated: 12/05/2022