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Case #:HC_MYD_23208   Opening date: 07/31/23   Last update: 07/31/23
Status: Note
On July 27th, 2023 (2023/208), a data loss occurred for MODIS AQUA (C61) during a day-time orbit over North/West Africa and Atlantic ocean. The impacted granules are 2023/208/13:13:48 - 208/19:28:36 (inclusive). After nominal AOS, the OC called and advised they were not receiving X-band TLM. The station operator noted nominal X-band (and S-band) throughout the support. EDOS also advised they were not seeing any X-band TLM during the support. EDOS attempted to coordinate a station replay with but it was not received. The image below shows the Day-time L1B global browse for 2023/208 where the missing data occurred.

NRT (Near Real Time)
NRT Corrected Reflectance Band 1,4,3
Day A2023208 (2023-07-27), C61

Occurrence: C061 L1B data for the dates and times listed and all downstream products.

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