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Case #:AS_MOD28_21356   Opening date: 12/22/2021   Last update: 12/22/2021
Status: Pending
The existing C61 MxD28C3 MODIS Water Reservoir products have a small bug, which causes some errors with the evaporation rate at a few reservoirs for a short period (see figure below for Lake ID: 094 as an example). This was found to have been caused by some zero area values that led to abnormal temperature profiles. This will be addressed soon and all existing MxD28C3 products will be reprocessed. This has no impact on the MxD28C2 products and users can continue to use those in the interim. This note will be updated once the affected MxD28C3 have been reprocessed. Users are advised not to use those in the meantime from LP-DAAC.

MODIS Monthly Water Reservoir Product (MOD28C3)
Lake 094, C61

Occurrence: All dates for C61 MOD28C3 and MYD28C3.
PGE: 187

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