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Case #:PM_MOD21_18283   Opening date: 10/10/18   Last update: 11/05/18
Status: Note
The C6 MOD21 suite of products (MOD21 L2, MOD21A1D/N and MOD21A2) will not be available for MODIS TERRA beyond the year 2005. This is due to increased impact of cross-talk in the Terra Band 29 after year 2005. Hence, in C6 for mission period after 2005 only MYD21 suite of products from MODIS Aqua will be available. However, once the new Collection C61 land products become operational, both the MOD21 and MYD21 suite of products will be available for both MODIS TERRA and AQUA respectively, as the cross-talk issue has been corrected in the C61 L1B. The Terra MOD21 data from the beginning of the mission till 2005 has been released to public with provisional maturity status as these products could also be negatively impacted by the optical crosstalk present in IR bands, though may not be as bad as all years after 2005.

Occurrence: C6 and C61 MXD21 LST products as described above.