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Case #:PM_MOD16_18074   Opening date: 03/15/18   Last update: 03/15/18
Status: Pending
The pixel level QA dataset ET_QC_500m is a copy of the pixel level QA of in the input 8-day composite LAI-FPAR product (MxD15A2) and does not reflect the quality of the retrieved Evapotranspiration. The current operational C6 version of the process does not generate pixel level science quality information. Users are advised to exercise caution while using the product in their application. Because of this user may also find Pixels with fill values being flagged as qualified retrievals. Also in some cases user may find retrievals with value attributed to barren land where the underlying land cover could be a vegetated area like forest.

Occurrence: C6, MOD16A2 and MYD16A2, entire mission