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Case #:PM_MOD16_17166   Opening date: 06/15/17   Last update: 06/15/17
Status: Note
The operational C6 NASA MOD16 and MYD16 A2 and A3 products generated at MODAPS, and available to public from LP-DAAC and LAADS contain large areas flagged as barren containing fill value at these pixels. The area other than real desert or arid land flagged as barren corresponds to no retrieval because of persistent cloud cover. However the same product generated and distributed by the Science Computing Facility at the NTSG, University of Montana contain valid retrievals for these pixels. The SCF version of the product was generated at the end of the year using gap filled LAI/FPAR product as input. The example below, shows the global browse image of the Terra MOD16A2 product generated at NTSG at the top, followed by global browse images of the Terra and Aqua MOD16A2 product generated through operational processing at MODAPS. While the top image shows retrieval for all area except of desert and semi-arid area, the middle and bottom images show bronze color over the high latitudes of Asia and North America and also in the tropical regions of South America and central Africa.

Comparison of MOD16A2 for an 8-day of 2008281 (Oct 7th through Oct 14th)
Top, NTSG Collection5 gap-filled

Occurrence: C6,MOD16 MYD16, 2000 and forward

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