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Case #:PM_MOD_22335   Opening date: 12/08/2022   Last update: 12/16/2022
Status: Closed
MODIS Terra production has been put on hold starting on day 2022.335, 03:15 UTC onwards. The production has been failing in the L1 geolocation process and may be due to the orbital drift of Terra, following the CEMs. The geolocation team is investigating the issue and further updates will be posted as and when ready. The image below shows the global browse image for the Terra Surface reflectance (MOD09) on December 1st, 2022 (2022.335), where the data production failures have impacted this day in the forward processing.

MOD09, day A2022335 (2022-12-01)
Collection 61, Reflectance RGB M(5,4,3)
Global Browse Image


UPDATE 12.16.22


Terra forward processing has resumed at MODAPS as of 12/16/2022, following an update to the geolocation code to relax the 'orbit_tolerance' limit that is imposed on MODIS geolocation data generation. The relaxation was necessary, following certain changes in the Terra orbit configurations, after the last two set of Terra Constellation Exit Maneuvers (CEMs) carried out in October, 2022. The orbit altitude is now lowered by about 5 km and the orbit period has shortened to about 7 seconds, till the writing of this note on 12/16/2022. All Terra and combined product generation should now be back to nominal status.

Occurrence: All C6, C61 MODIS Terra products for specified date and time periods.
PGE: All

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