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Case #:PM_MOD_21264   Opening date: 09/21/21   Last update: 09/21/21
Status: Note
Users of MODIS Science data products are requested to note that MODIS Terra is scheduled to exit the 'Morning Constellation' of Earth Science satellites by October, 2022. Because of onboard fuel shortage, the last of Terra mission maneuver was done on February 27, 2020 to maintain the mean local time (MLT) of 10:30 AM. Thereafter, Terra has been drifting slowly from its MLT and will reach and exceed 10:15 AM MLT by October 2022, when it will make the constellation exit with a lowered orbit altitude of 694kms. More information in this regard can be found here and here.

Please note that this does not indicate the end of life for Terra mission and Terra is expected to remain operational for at least another 5 more years and NASA SIPS will continue to produce and distribute science quality data through Fall of 2025. There may be some limited impact on the science data because of the changing MLT and the lowering of orbital altitude but overall, it is not expected to have any major impact on the science data quality.

We will continue to provide further updates in this regard as we get further inputs from the different land science teams.

Occurrence: TERRA C6 / C61 L1B and all Downstream products for the times listed above.