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Case #:PM_MOD_21180   Opening date: 07/06/2021   Last update: 07/06/2021
Status: Note
On June 28th, 2021 (2021.179) a PWA #40 occurred in the MISR buffer. On the TDS contact (180/02:17:00 - 02:35:00z), the failed supersets were successfully removed from the MISR buffer by first temporarily disabling science recording. After the superset removal, the OCE reported data gaps in MODIS corresponding to when science recording was disabled. This resulted in data loss of the Terra MODIS instrument from 180/02:22:21 - 180/02:30:47 as mainly due to disabling of science data acquisition during the removal of PWA-40, allocated for MISR onboard recording. The L1B emissive band global browse image below shows this data loss in the 02:00 nightime orbit over the Caribbean and North America, highlighted by the red box. This data is not recoverable. The remaining data gaps are associated with the MODIS PWA-47 anomaly, which occurred on the same day.

Emissive band 31, night time
2021.180 (06.29.2021)

Occurrence: All C6, C61 MODIS Terra products for specified date and time periods.
PGE: All

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