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Case #:AS_MCD64_21286   Opening date: 10/13/2021   Last update: 11/08/2021
Status: Closed
MODAPS has halted the production of the C61 Burned Area product (MCD64A1) as it was discovered that the C61 processing was using the wrong version of that code that did NOT have the fix for the edge of the tile bug that was earlier fixed in C6 products. This specific edge of the tile bug causes all burned grid cells in the left-most and right-most columns of certain tiles to be reclassified as unburned in 30 specific tiles.

This note will be further updated once the fix is applied to C61 and all affected MCD64A1 is re-processed.


C61 Burned Area Product Production Halt: UPDATE 11.08.21


All the existing C61 burned area product (MCD64A1) has been fully re-processed with the corrected code, and the same is currently in operation for the ongoing re-processing, as of 2021.308 (11/04/2021). The re-processed version of this product should be available from LP-DAAC.

Aqua+Terra combined MCD64A1 Burn Area, Patched
Day 2013.274 (10/01/2013) h30v10
Collection 006.

Aqua+Terra combined MCD64A1 Burn Area, Unpatched
Day 2013.274 (10/01/2013) h30v10
Collection 061.

Occurrence: All generated days for C61 MCD64A1 product.

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