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Case #:PM_MCD43_15321   Opening date: 11/17/15   Last update: 11/17/15
Status: Pending
QA datasets in the C6 BRDF-Albedo quality data product MCD43A2 may be incorrect, though all of the science data sets are produced correctly in the BRDF parameter product MCD43A1, the Albedo product MCD43A3 and the NBAR product MCD43A4. The source of this error in the QA dataset has been traced to incorrect initialization of the QA datasets from coding error in the processing algorithm. Users are advised to exercise caution while using the product in their applications.
A software patch with the needed bug fix is currently under testing at MODAPS. The following example shows images of QA dataset BRDF_Albedo_ValidObs_Band1 before and after the fix.

16-day level 3 BRDF/Albedo Quality product
BRDF_Albedo_ValidObs_Band1, C6

16-day BRDF level 3 BRDF/Albedo Quality product
BRDF_Albedo_ValidObs_Band1, C6 fix

NOTE: All BRDF-Albedo products from the beginning of the mission will be re-reprocessed soon.

Occurrence: Collection 6 MCD43A2, and all downstream CMG products

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