Product Quality Documentation for MYD10CM, C5

Collection C5

ParameterName: All
BeginDateTimeEndDateTime ScienceQualityFlagScienceQualityFlagExplanation CommentsMaturity
2002 182
2002 243
Suspect Quality of data may have been seriously effected due to use of lesser number of input data days in the composite. No instrument data was available for days 2002211 - 2002219   Validated Stage 1
2002 244
. . . Inferred Passed Snow cover is mapped with reasonable accuracy. Snow errors manifest in cells with very low snow percentages in regions where snow is unlikely based on climate or season. Discretion should be exercised in use of this product. Snow mapping errors may occur on the perimeters of snow fields, cloud edges and water boundaries. Validated Stage 2

Updated on 08-29-2013