Known Issues in MOD35 Product


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
SD_MOD35_02036 02/05/02 02/05/02 Pending False cloud detection
SD_MOD35_00343 12/08/00 07/18/01 Pending Stripes observed in some MOD35 granules
SD_MOD35_00333 11/28/00 06/05/02 Pending Unreliable cloud shadow detection
SD_MOD35_00328 11/24/00 07/23/01 Pending Coastlines are flagged as cloudy
JB_MOD35_01225 08/13/01 08/13/01 Note Small clouds not detected
JB_MOD35_01199a 07/18/01 06/06/02 Pending Striping observed in cloud mask
JB_MOD35_01190 07/09/01 06/06/02 Pending False cloud detection due to sensitivity of algorithm to static ecosystem map
JB_MOD35_01030 01/30/01 07/12/01 Pending Unreliable 250m cloud mask
DR_MOD35_01205 07/24/01 07/24/01 Note Aerosol contamination effects
DR_MOD35_01199 07/18/01 06/06/02 Pending Rivers flagged as cloudy
DR_MOD35_00059 02/28/00 03/09/00 Note Corrupted 1km cloud mask due to Level 1B striping
CC_MOD35_00185 07/03/00 07/05/00 Note 1km Mask appears to have artifical boundaries between cloud categories
CC_MOD35_00146 05/25/00 01/30/01 Pending MOD35 is misidentifying sandy desert regions as cloud at night.