Known Issues in MOD14 Product


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
SD_MOD14_06308 11/04/2006 11/04/2006 Note Snow flagged as cloud in MOD14 product (C4 and C5)
SD_MOD14_05035 02/04/05 02/04/05 Note Metadata PERCENTLAND value is incorrect
SD_MOD14_03075 03/16/03 03/16/03 Note Number of 1km MOD14A1 & MOD14A2 pixels labelled as containing fire reduced
DR_MOD14_99316a 11/12/99 03/03/00 Note Invalid metadata SCIABNORM and SCISTATE
DR_MOD14_01333 11/29/01 11/29/01 Pending Highly reflective hot surfaces may be incorrectly labeled as fire
DR_MOD14_01079 07/16/01 07/16/01 Note MOD14 uses internal cloud mask instead of MOD35
CC_MOD14_09187 07/06/09 07/06/09 Note Difference in number of scan lines between MOD14 and MOD03
CC_MOD14_08322 11/17/08 11/17/08 Pending False fire detection over Amazon basin