Known Issues in MOD11 Product


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
PM_MOD11_16257_NRT 09/15/2016 09/15/2016 Note TERRA LST granules not produced on 2016.257 (09.13.16)
SD_MOD11_10308 11/04/10 11/04/10 Note Anomalous values seen in night LST for tile h18v03.
SD_MOD11_07082 03/28/07 03/28/07 Note Striping in MOD11A1
SD_MOD11_00286 10/12/00 06/04/01 Note Stripes of fill values found in SDS 'Land_Surface Temperature' of MOD11_L2 granules
PM_MOD11_11132 06/16/11 06/16/11 Pending High Uncertainty Index Values causes nonretrieval of LST in MOD11
JB_MOD11_01317 11/13/01 08/19/04 Note Overlap between end-of-year and beginning-of-year compositing periods
JB_MOD11_00335 11/30/00 06/11/01 Pending Valid ranges include fill values in several SDSs.
DR_MOD11_00077 03/17/00 08/19/04 Pending QC incorrectly set in some MOD11A2
CC_MOD11_08086 03/26/08 03/26/08 Pending Small patches of unusually high surface temperature
CC_MOD11_07124b 05/04/07 05/07/07 Note MOD11B1 data not present for regions with most MOD11A1 data present
CC_MOD11_07124a 05/04/07 05/04/07 Note Missing data labeled as "not processed due to cloud"