Known Issues in MOD09 Product


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
SD_MOD09_10284 10/11/10 10/11/10 Pending Striping in L2 Surface Reflectance
SD_MOD09_09021 01/21/09 01/21/09 Note Incorrect Land Water Mask at high latitude (> 75 deg)
SD_MOD09_06005 01/06/05 01/06/05 Pending Incorrect MODLAND QA bits in MOD09 products
SD_MOD09_03289 10/16/03 08/16/04 Note Striping in MOD09 products associated with noise in band 7.
SD_MOD09_03129 03/05/04 08/16/04 Note Artefact in MOD09 composite product due to high aerosol.
SD_MOD09_01358 12/24/01 08/16/04 Note Inaccuracies in MOD03 land water mask propagate into MOD09
SD_MOD09_01002 01/02/01 08/04/04 Pending Large reflectance observed in MOD09A1 at shallow ocean to deep ocean interface.
SD_MOD09_00335 12/01/00 12/01/00 Note None of the detectors in land bands are dead with the new L1B configuration.
SD_MOD09_00334 11/29/00 08/17/04 Note Horizontal stripes in band 5, 6, and 7 over ocean.
SD_MOD09_00181 06/29/00 06/29/00 Note Fill values in lower layers of L2G due to missing L2 granules
SD_MOD09_00173 06/21/00 06/21/00 Note Negative reflectance values seen in band2
PM_MOD09_13046 02/15/13 02/15/13 Note Noisy Detector 4 in MOD09, 500m reflectance band 5
PM_MOD09_12306 11/01/12 11/01/12 Pending Eastern Hemisphere reports zero values in MOD09CMG (C5)
JD_MOD09_99258 01/21/00 08/04/04 Note INTERNALCLOUDMASK metadata is missing in MOD09_L2
JD_MOD09_99206 07/25/99 08/04/04 Note The fill value overwrites individual QA bits in MOD09GST
JB_MOD09_01302 10/29/01 08/16/04 Note Aerosol interpolation artifact
JB_MOD09_01283 10/10/01 08/16/04 Note Dropped packet artifact from L1B in aggregated 250m data
JB_MOD09_01282 10/09/01 10/09/01 Note Odd-even effect in MOD02 affects MOD09
JB_MOD09_01278 10/05/01 08/16/04 Note Striping in band 5
JB_MOD09_01277 10/04/01 08/16/04 Note Striping in areas with high atmospheric aerosol content
JB_MOD09_01197 07/16/01 08/17/04 Note BRDF effects in MOD09A1
DR_MOD09_99251a 09/08/99 08/04/04 Note PARAMETERNAME for the QAFLAGS and QASTATS does not match the SDS longname
DR_MOD09_01278 10/05/01 08/17/04 Note Low amplitude striping in areas with high atmospheric aerosol content
CC_MOD09_13330 11/26/13 11/26/13 Pending Artifact in browse when geolocation includes fill values
CC_MOD09_10077 03/18/10 03/18/10 Note Solar eclipses affect surface reflectance and downstream data
CC_MOD09_09335 12/01/09 12/01/09 Pending Some MOD09A1/MOD09Q1 have same "Beginning Date" and "End Date"
CC_MOD09_09030 01/30/09 02/03/09 Note Cloud flags not filled in MOD09Q1
CC_MOD09_07082 03/23/07 03/23/07 Note Small data dropouts
CC_MOD09_07029 01/29/07 02/13/07 NoteSurface reflectance in visible bands shows blotchiness due to clouds and BRDF effects (C5)