Known Issues in MOD03 Product


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
SD_MOD03_00062 03/02/00 12/20/00 Closed Granules found with all fill values
SD_MOD03_00061 03/01/00 03/01/00 Note Missing scans
DR_MOD03_00089 03/29/00 08/07/07 Note Spacecraft maneuvers not consistently flagged in MOD03 metadata
DR_MOD03_00045 02/24/00 08/07/07 Note Ganules found with 'incorrect' (default) Gring
CC_MOD03_08091 03/31/08 03/31/08 Pending Geolocation shift due to satellite maneuvers, day 2008-084
CC_MOD03_07290 10/17/07 10/23/07 Pending Geolocation shift due to satellite maneuvers