Known Issues in MOD02 Product


Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
PM_MOD02_16049_NRT 02/18/16 04/08/16 Note Terra MODIS Enters SAFE MODE 2016.049
CC_MOD02_13154_NRT 06/03/13 06/07/13 Note Nighttime granules labeled as day due to calibration activity
SD_MOD02_10284 10/11/10 10/11/10 Pending Striping in band 3 of L1B and propogation to the downstream product
SD_MOD02_09005 01/05/09 01/05/09 Note striping due to detector saturation in band 5
SD_MOD02_00334 11/29/00 11/30/00 Pending Stripes of bad data over ocean and inland water bodies in band 5, 6, and 7.
PM_MOD02_13051 02/20/13 02/20/13 Pending Striping in band 5
PM_MOD02_12352 12/17/12 12/17/12 Note Striping in thermal bands of L1B and downstream products
JD_MOD02_99126 05/06/99 08/02/99 Note Discontinuity across the dateline due to simulated aerosols
JD_MOD02_00055b 03/06/00 03/06/00 Note Missing packets observed in the data
JD_MOD02_00055a 03/06/00 03/06/00 Note Drop-outs observed in the data
JD_MOD02_00032 02/16/00 12/20/00 Note INPUTPOINTER metadata is not set correctly
JB_MOD02_01283 10/10/01 10/10/01 Pending Dropped packet artifact in L1B aggregated 250m data
JB_MOD02_01282 10/09/01 10/09/01 Pending Odd-even detector effect
DR_MOD02_01317 11/13/01 11/13/01 Note Digitization effect on linear features
CC_MOD02_09245 09/02/09 09/02/09 Note Small data dropouts immediately before data loss periods