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Case #:PM_MYD_20229a_NRT   Opening date: 08/17/2020   Last update: 09/15/2020
Status: Note
Aqua MODIS suffered a science data outage, starting August 16th, 2020 (2020.229) at 09:26:40, because of a FMU/SSR error, the details of which can be found here. The Aqua Flight Operations Team (FOT) worked closely with the different Instrument Operations Teams (IOTs) to resolve this and was able to recover the FMU/SSR, through a soft-reset on September 2, 21:00. During the entire data outage duration MODIS on-board Aqua was in good health acquiring science quality data as verified by the direct broadcast stations and during the reset process, MODIS was held in standby mode.

Following the reset on September 2 at 21:00, MODIS resumed nominal science data collection at 20:12 UTC. MODIS standard processing stream at MODAPS and the NRT processing streams successfully processed Aqua MODIS data. MODIS Calibration Support Team verified the RSB and TEB gain trending to be free of any impact from FMU anomaly, and the NASA MODIS geolocation team verified the geolocation accuracy to be nominal. All Aqua MODIS land and atmosphere products have been found to be satisfactory.

The level 0 data currently though not available for the anomaly period, EDOS is expected to coordinate recovery of the data for this period using the data received by the various Direct Broadcast (DB) stations. As it may take some time to receive and process DB data, to support data users near time needs MODAPS plans to generate the MODIS Terra+Aqua combined products using the Terra only data for the anomaly period (8/16 - 9/2) and later reprocess these products using the available Aqua MODIS data when data from DB stations become available for processing. The following plan has been proposed by the MODIS Land Team and LDOPE/MODAPS to resume the production of the Terra+Aqua MODIS combined land products as well as the MxD11 suite of LST products, from the anomaly period (8/16 - 9/2) :

- OPS: Aqua inputs during this period will be treated like an outage and all combined products, including the MCD43*, MCD18*, MCD19*, MCD15A2/A3 will be produced with Terra only inputs. Once the production of the MCD43* products has been resumed, MODAPS will also resume the production of the MxD11 suite of LST products that requires the MCD43A1 as inputs. This gap may be re-processed at a later date, using both Terra and partial Aqua inputs, after careful consideration of the extent and quality of the Aqua L0 received from the different DB stations.

- NRT: MODAPS has resumed processing of the NRT specific combined products (MCD43* and MCD19*), since September 8 onwards, cloning latest necessary rolling DB/coefficient files from the OPS stream, prior to August 16. Given this, the NRT BRDF/Albedo (MCD43*) and MAIAC (MCD19*) are still expected to be very close to expected science quality and will become more stable as the processing continues in NRT.

Occurrence: All MODIS Aqua products for specified date and time periods.
PGE: All