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Case #:PM_MCD19_21054_NRT   Opening date: 02/23/21   Last update: 02/23/21
Status: Note
Please note that the MODIS Collection 61 (C61) specific MAIAC products (MCD19A1N/A2N/A3N) are still under development and testing by the science team and MODAPS. Their anticipated availability date is around late May to early June of 2021. So, in the interim, to help fulfill all user requirements, MODAPS will continue generating the Collection 6 (C6) version of this product from nrt3/4. Note that this C6 version of the MAIAC products, delivered from nrt3/4, will still use the C61 L1B inputs, with C6 algorithm, and should be essentially same as heritage C6 products, barring the expected difference between the C6 and C61 upstream L1B.

In this regard, note that the C61 L1B mainly addresses some known issues and inconsistencies in the C6 L1B products, revealed by the MODIS Calibration Science Team (MCST), after the completion of the C6 reprocessing and hence most C61 land NRT products are largely identical to C6 equivalents, barring small changes introduced by the changes in L1B. For further details on the C61 L1B, users are requested to refer to this C61 Land change document.

If you have any further concern or question about this transition, please email the LANCE MODIS user support ( and for questions or information related to change in product quality contact Vani Manoharan and Sadashiva Devadiga at the land QA team.

Occurrence: MAIAC products from C61 on nrt3/4