Summary of NPP_SRFL

Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
PM_NPP_SRFL_20101a 04/10/20 04/27/20 Pending Aerosol flag issue in C1 VIIRS
PM_NPP_SRFL_20094 04/03/20 04/03/20 Note VNP09CMG State QA change
PM_NPP_SRFL_19200 07/19/19 09/16/19 Pending High Aerosol AOD observed in VNP04 QF of VNP09
PM_NPP_SRFL_19052 02/21/19 02/21/19 Note VNP09A1/H1 FillValue incorrectly set to 0
PM_NPP_SRFL_17222 08/10/17 08/10/17 Pending VNP09H1 bit 12 set incorrectly to 0

Last Updated: 04/27/2020