Summary of NPP_BRDF

Color Key Case pending Case closed Case reopened QA note
Case number Opening Date Last Update
Status Description
PM_NPP_BRDF_20113 04/22/20 04/22/20 Pending Impacts of High Aerosol Retrieval on VNP43
PM_NPP_BRDF_20015 01/16/20 01/16/20 Pending DNB BRDF/Albedo suite of product reprocessing 2012
PM_NPP_BRDF_19347 12/13/19 12/13/19 Pending VNP43C/D processing error
PM_NPP_BRDF_19347a 12/13/19 01/21/20 Closed VNP43DNB processing error

Last Updated: 04/22/2020