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Case #:PM_NPP_L1B_22251   Opening date: 09/09/22   Last update: 10/05/22
Status: Note
LandSIPS has started the VIIRS Collection 2 (C2) Land reprocessing for both SNPP and JPSS J1 (J1). The initial phase of reprocessing will cover the joint mission period from year 2018 up to the leading edge, followed by a second reprocessing stream covering the SNPP mission period from the beginning of 2012 till end of 2017. This reprocessing effort will use the C2 L1 Geolocation/L1B products as inputs for SNPP and the Collection 2.1 (C2.1) L1 Geolocation and L1B inputs for J1.

The initial reprocessing will cover the Tier1 suite of products, which include LSR, Lai/Fpar, VI, Active-Fire, LST, BRDF, VIIRS Water Reservoir, Sea-ice and IST products. A second Tier2 will include the DSR/PAR, MAIAC, Burned Area, GPP/NPP, ET/PET and the DNB suite of products. The Tier2 products will be made available as and when they are ready.

For further details on the C2 specific changes made to the different land science algorithms, users are requested to check this C2 description document.

For further details on the VIIRS cross-calibration, and the need for cross-calibration, please refer to the following note.

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