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Case #:PM_NPP_L1B_14269   Opening date: 09/29/14   Last update: 09/29/14
Status: Note
VIIRS went to 'Petulant' Mode on 09/29/2014 (2014.269) at 16:20:00 GMT. As a result, VIIRS science data output was impacted from 16:20:00 GMT to 18:35:00 GMT. The data regions impacted by this event are nighttime orbits over Asia including India, China and Southeast Asia and Australia. Additionally, Daytime orbits over North and South America are impacted. The images below show the impact of the event on the daytime surface reflectant and night time cloud mask data streams. Both the IDPS and LPEATE data archives will be impacted by this event.

NPP_VMAE_L1 global browse
RGB (Bands:M5, M4, M3)
Data Day 2014.269

NPP_CMIP_L2 global browse
Cloud Mask Night
Data Day 2014.269

Occurrence: L1 Data and down stream products in IDPS and Land PEATE. Data Day 2014.269, 16:20:00 GMT to 18:35:00.
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