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Case #:PM_NPP_VAFIP_18225   Opening date: 08/14/18   Last update: 01/25/19
Status: Note
Some of the operational L2 fire product granules generated in AS 5000, from the V1 reprocessing, using the L1B data generated with IDPS Mx8 version of the Calibration code and NASA VCSTs Calibration LUT, are known to contain spurious fires from bad L1B data and other calibration related issues.

The first two examples below show the VNP14 and VNP14IMG L2 active fire product granules where false fires occur due to bad L1B data. A list of granules from each data product is provided, which identifies a number of granules that have been flagged with these related issues. Users are advised not to use these product granules.
Fire Mask
Fire Mask

Corrupt VNP14 granules:

Corrupt VNP14IMG granules:

Additionally, in the VNP14IMG product, multiple granules are incomplete and contain partial data from abrupt termination during processing. These granules are incomplete, contain no meaningful science data layers and should be disregarded. The L2 VNP14IMG granules with these known issues are listed below.

Incomplete VNP14IMG granules:

NOTE to USERS: These issues will be addressed in the V2 version of the Fire product which will be generated using the V2 version of the L1B, generated using the NASA L1B calibration approach and the LUT.

***** UPDATE 01.15.19 *****
Since March of 2017, PGE510 was modified not to produce incomplete granules that have been terminated abruptly, but exit gracefully and not produce the granule at all. Therefore, below are a listing of all such date and granules for which gaps were observed in VNP14IMG.

Missing granules:
- VNP14IMG AS5000, day 2019015, granule 04:48

Occurrence: Land SIPS AS 5000, and all downstream products during the specified time periods.
PGE: ?

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