Welcome to the NPP VIIRS Land Product Quality Assessment Web Page

The objective of the VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Spectro Radiometer Suite) Land Product QA is to evaluate and document the science quality of products made from the remotely sensed data acquired using VIIRS. Results of quality assessment of samples of VIIRS Land products made at IDPS (Interface Data Processing System) and results of evaluation of improvements to the VIIRS Land Science algorithms derived by analyzing the products made at Land PEATE (Product Evaluation and Testing Element) using the new algorithms are placed on the web pages located at this site.

NPP (National Polar Orbiting Earth Sattellite System Proparatory Project) satellite will be launched no earlier than Spring 2009. Land PEATE is in the early stage of development. Evaluation of products produced at Land PEATE and evaluation of science algorithm improvements are done at LDOPE (Land Data Operational Product Evaluation). Currently all tests and evaluation are done using simulated or proxy MODIS data.

Please direct your questions and comments to Sadashiva Devadiga (devadiga@ltpmail.gsfc.nasa.gov).