NPP Land Science Test

VIIRS Land Science Test
Test Description and Status

V2 Reprocessing Plan:

Status of SNPP Science Tests

The following table identifies the various major science tests that have been performed or are planned as part of the evaluation of the J1/N20 algorithms. Additional information such as individual test objective, the PGE Versions used can be obtained for the major tests that have been completed or are in progress by clicking on the Test name. The products from these science tests are made available through the Level-1 and Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System (LAADS). For user name and password please contact Gang Ye or Sadashiva Devadiga.

SNPP V1 Science Tests
Chain Test Geolocation Test L1B Test L2G Test
DNB Test AOT (VNP04) Surface Reflectance (VNP09) Snow (VNP10)
LST (VNP21) VI (VNP13) Fire (VNP14) LAI/FPAR (VNP15)
Sea Ice (VNP29) IST (VNP30) Cloud Mask (VNP35) BRDF (VNP43)
NRT Forward Production Test Burn Area (VNP64) Phenology (VNP22C2/Q2)

SNPP V2 Science Tests
Chain Test L1B Test Geolocation Test MAIAC Test LSR Test NRT Test
LST (VNP21) Fire (VNP14) Cloud Mask GIBS Burn Area(VNP64) Surface Radiation (VNP18)
IST Test (VNP30) BRDF Test (VNP43) Snow Test (VNP10) DNB Test