NPP Test Data Ordering

Test data generated at Land PEATE using the IDPS OPS PGEs, the Land PEATE adjusted version of these PGEs and/or the Science Team PGEs are made available to the VIIRS Science Teams (ST) and their staff members through LAADS. ST members can either search and order the data using LAADS on the web or login directly to the ftp server to navigate the data directory and download the needed granules. Steps to download the data by either method are provided below. For access authorization to LAADS please contact Sadashiva Devadiga. The archives containing the data from the tests run at Land PEATE are identified by unique archive set numbers which can be found on the Test Status Web Site

1. By logging to the ftp server

  • ftp
  • Enter username and password.
  • cd allData/[AS]/NPP_VSTIP_L2/yyyy/ddd
      AS = Archive Set #
      yyyy = Year (e.g. 2010)
      ddd = day of year (e.g. 249)
  • prompt
  • mget *.hhmm.*.hdf
      hhmm: granule identified by the approximate start time of the granule in hours and min (~ 5 min boundary)

2. Search and order from LAADS

  • Connect to
      Needs username and password
  • Click on Data on the next page and on Search in the following page
  • Select Satellite/Instrument: NPOESS Preparatory Project VIIRS
  • Select Group: e.g. NPP Level2 5-minute Product
  • Select Product: e.g. NPP_VSTIP_L2
  • Temporal Selection: Enter the date time range e.g. to search from day 249 enter 2010-249 00:00:00 for start and 2010-249 23:59:59 for end
  • Collection Selection: Select an archive set #
  • Spatial Selection: Global will include all granules from the specified date/time range, Lat/Long will let you identify the region of your interest. Tiles are 1200 x 1200 km gridded regions in sinusoidal map projection.
  • Click on Search.
  • Follow the instructions on the web to place the order and/or download the data.