NPP VIIRS Data Products and QA - Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions concerning the information displayed on these pages and the NPP VIIRS products made at Land PEATE and distributed from LAADS:

  • What is the product filename convention ?

  • What are the product spatial formats ?

  • What is the product maturity status ?

  • How do I get NPP data products?

  • Are the SDS names identical for products in AS 3000 and AS 3001?
      The names of corresponding data sets in the same product (ESDT) from AS 3000 and 3001 aren't exactly identical for products generated with IDPS build versions prior to Mx6.2. During integration of IDPS build version Mx6.2, Land PEATE updated the aggregator (code generating the ~5 minute granule from consecutive IDPS 86 sec granules) code running on AS 3000 and the individual Mx6.2 LPEATE version of the IDPS codes to have exactly identical data set names for each product (ESDT). So data products from these two archive sets for data days 08/09/2012 onwards processed using the Mx6.2 version of the IDPS code will have identical dataset names.
  • Is there a document that can help identify the difference in SDS names between the products from the two archive sets 3000 and 3001?
    • This file lists the what SDS names have been changed in Mx6.2 to ensure identical SDS names between the products from two archive sets.
  • What are the product format changes user need to be aware of in Mx6.2?
      Names of datasets from products in AS 3000 and 3001 are identical which wasn’t the case for products from prior versions. In Mx6.2, set of fill values used in a data set are listed as an attribute which is a string containing the fill values and the explanation for the fill values.
  • Who should I contact concerning NPP product quality distributed from LAADS?

  • Where can I find publicly available software tools ?

Updated 10-16-2012