Early Images from NPP VIIRS

Day 2011325
East of South America

East of North America

North America

West of North America
Day 2011328
Eastern North America

Day 2011331
The Himalayas

Greece and the Mediterranean

Spain and Italy

Day 2011337
Southern China

Day 2011339
The Arabian peninsula

Day 2011340

Day 2011354
A dust and sand storm
generated by strong Shaman winds
over the Thar Desert
(Great Indian Desert)

Day 2012003
Large wildfires burning in the Bío-Bío region
of central Chile, killed 7 fire fighters and destroyed
123,000 acres of land in the first week of 2012.

Day 2012015
In Southwestern Alaska snow covers the land and
sea ice fills Bristol Bay.
Day 2012016
The United Kingdom, the English Channel and
Northern France.
Day 2012023
Mozambique Channel, Tropical Cyclone Funso
was the first major cyclone of 2012.
Day 2012029
VIIRS Day Night Band captures city lights of
the Eastern US.
Day 2012031
Fires in East Africa. Pixels of the VIIRS
active fire product are shown in red.
Day 2012062
At 19:50 UTC on March 2nd 2012, a category EF4 tornado touched down
in southern Indiana killing 5 people. 20 minutes prior,
the VIIRS instrument captured images of the storm at 19:30.
The VIAE I5 (375m) band, brightness temperature shows the
v shape of the super cell and the cold overshoot developing
in the hashed box just west of the coordinates for the 19:50
tornado. NOAA tornado data from day 03.02.2012(18:30 -23:55)
was plotted over this image to show the number of tornadoes
generated by this storm.