Land LPEATE Data Production and Retention

AS3000: Beginning with data day August 1, 2012 (2012214), AS3000 Level 1B SDR and Geolocation data will not be produced except on Friday data days. AS3000 daily science tiling PGEs, Control Point, LSR CMG and CERES subsetter products will also be discontinued as they require SDRs/ Geolocation to process. Coarse- resolution L1B and L2 products will be generated only on Friday data days, as these products also depend on L1B SDR/ Geolocation.

AS3000/ 3001/ 3002 data retention policy:

Retained for 60 days-
Most Level 1, Level 2, and daily gridded data products, including MODIS- equivalent daily gridded products.

Retained indefinitely-

  • Golden tile daily gridded products
  • Subsets
  • MODIS equivalent n- day gridded products
  • Gridded IPs (daily and multi- day)
  • Daily CMG land surface reflectance