Delivering Code Changes to LPEATE Integration

Below are the steps required for code to be delivered to the Land PEATE Integration team:

    1. Compile and test your code changes on npp1 and/or nppdev1, whichever machine you have access to.

    2. Verify the README.txt and the PGExxx_HISTORY.txt files within the PGExxx/COMB directory are up to date with any code modification details you have made.

    3. Send an email to the Land PEATE Integration Team Task Lead, currently Carol Davidson,, with the directory on npp1 or nppdev1 where the code changes can be found. The delivery email should also include the location of where your test was run so that a similar test can be performed at LPEATE when the code has been integrated and the outputs compared. Lastly, your delivery email should document what changes were made to the code.

    4. If your code modifications include changes to the library, then you must recompile the libraries and all code modules with these changes in both production and debug mode. Your delivery email should list the specific files that were modified and should include the directories of where the code can be found and where the recompiled libraries can be found (for comparison purposes). Additionally, you should update the Library related documentation as specified in the Ops Code Version Checklist, the section titled "CHANGING A LIBRARY AND/OR ADDING TO A LIBRARY GROUP".