C6 Land Reprocessing Status

C6 Land Reprocessing of Teir1 block of products started on Feb 6, 2015, generating following suite of land products - Surface Reflectance, Sea-Ice, Land Surface Temperature, BRDF/Albedo, Vegetation Indices, Lai/Fpar, and GPP/NPP.

Reprocessing is progressing at 30x rate for all of the products except BRDF-Albedo and LST. At the current rate reprocessing of Teir1 products is expected to complete in Spring of 2016. C5 forward processing is expected to continue for a year after the C6 reprocessing has caught up with the C5 forward processing, after which C5 processing will cease operation with approval from science teams.

Sea-ice products are available to public from NSIDC and public release of other land data products will be released from LP-DAAC as per the following plan.

Data Family IMS Update
Tier 1 Data Date
M*D09 (Surface Reflectance) 5-Aug-15
M*D11 (Land Surface Temperature) 12-Aug-15
M*D13 (Vegetation Indices) 19-Aug-15
M*D14 (Fire / Thermal Anomalies) 26-Aug-15
M*D15 (Leaf Area Index – FPAR) 2-Sep-15
M*D17 (Gross Primary Production / Net Primary Production) 2-Sep-15
M*DTBGA (Thermal Bands) 9-Sep-15
M*DOCGA (Ocean Reflectance) 16-Sep-15
MCD43 (Albedo / BRDF) 23-Sep-15
M*D (Browses) 30-Sep-15

C6 development and testing of algorithm changes for Teir2 block of products is still in progress. The list products in this block include - Snow Cover, Burned Area, Land Cover, VCF, LST (JPL), MAIAC and Evapotranspiration.

For DOIs and example citation of C6 data products see this document.