NPP Time Series Information

Time series analyses are performed at nine land tiles selected over areas that are expected to be representative of the global variability of the majority of the MODIS Land products. Shortly after MODIS launch, well-characterized MODIS data were not available. Therefore, tiles were selected by examination of the MODIS at-launch land cover product as the majority of the MODIS Land products are sensitive to or are explicitly concerned with land cover.

h09v05: Southwestern U.S.h11v03: Northwestern Canadah11v08: Northern Amazon
h11v11: Northern Chileh17v07: Sahelh20v11: Southern Africa
h24v04: Northwestern Chinah26v04: Northeastern Chinah30v11: Central Australia

Summary statistics of high-quality, cloud-free science data set pixel values are calculated for each gridded (Level 2G, 3, 4) MODIS Land product in each tile. Mean, standard deviation, minimum and maximum statistics are calculated over 3 x 3 km sites, on a land cover class basis, and on a biome basis. Pixels that are flagged by the product per-pixel QA information as less than high-quality or cloudy are rejected. The remaining pixels are masked with respect to site, land cover and biome maps and the summary statistics derived.